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 [Example of marbling technique,

Image by teaching artist Claire Quilala]


GLOW at Chin's is a free summer camp and year long after school program for teens in North East LA. This July at Chin's Push, a contemporary gallery that features emerging artists from around the world, we'll be hosting workshops and dinners focused on the issues and interests of female students. Come away with new skills, new clothes, new friends, a portfolio for college applications, and a gallery exhibition under your belt! No experience required!







~ MARBLING               ~ CYANOTYPE              ~ SILKSCREEN


* Experiment with different materials: paper, fabric, and clothing


* Time for drawing, writing, and small group discussion


* Dinner by local chefs included each night


* Final exhibition!





+ 7th to 12th graders in North East Los Angeles are encouraged to sign up


+ Camp takes place 4-8pm on weekdays, July 5th to 15th, 2016


+ Chin's Push, 4919 York Blvd LA CA 90042 (York Blvd & Avenue 50)


+ Camp is completely FREE and includes all materials as well as dinner


Questions? Call: 323.509.4615 or email: carriecook@globalgirlsglow.org

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[Example of cyanotype,

Image by teaching artist Lauren Moya Ford]

Global Glow works to provide meaningful mentorship opportunities for adolescent and teen girls with near peer mentors. In collaboration with Chins Push, a contemporary art space in Highland Park, Global Glow will pair young artists with a variety of creative practices with teens for a program that centers around art making, collaboration, discussion and exhibition.
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